It has been the will of our Heavenly Father in His wisdom to call our beloved comrades from their labor here on earth to His regard on high.  Our comrades have now been permitted to enter that spiritual building, that house not made by hands, but eternal in the heavens.  We as comrades mourn their passing and cherish their memory.



Ceferino F. "Cefe" Valenzuela   Passed 02/27/2024

Richard Forcelle                          Passed 02/14/2024

Baltazar De Leon Jr     Age 91    Passed 11/29/2023

Vicente R Ramirez Jr   Age 92     Passed 07/07/2023 

James E Chadden       Age 74      Passed 01/19/2023

Jose "Joe" Garza           Age 83     Passed 12/30/2022

Jesus Valdes Sr.          Age 75    Passed 08/23/2022

William "Bill" Luna     Age 86     Passed 08/08/2022